IBCC Industries, Inc was founded in 1983 by our Chairman and President, Paul F. Heiss who brought his engineering talents, entrepreneurial skills and manufacturing management leadership expertise from several years at Allis Chalmers Pump and Compression Division.

Since the humble beginnings, IBCC has developed into a full-fledged, one stop operation for those in need of a competitive solution to competitive contract manufacturing. In today’s marketplace, the cost of making product has risen dramatically, and the opportunity cost of making many products in-house has risen to the point of being uncompetitive. IBCC has developed an answer to that opportunity now for over 37 years. Over this time period, IBCC has acquired and developed three wholly owned factories in China, and two factories in India. We have acquired and installed over 100 CNC machining centers and developed over 100 material suppliers and added dozens of Fortune 1000 clients as partners in our business.

With five global factories, and over 500 employees, our capabilities and capacity for new business continues to grow. If you need machined castings, machined forgings, or complex assemblies delivered to your doorstep, IBCC Industries, Inc is certainly worthy of your consideration as a viable, ultra-low defect partner.

IBCC Industries, Inc. is your full-service provider of machined castings and forgings as well as highly engineered assemblies. With contract manufacturing factories to serve you in China and India we can provide you with a cost saving and high-quality solution to help make you competitive. Both countries offer unique value propositions depending upon what it is you are looking for. With a US headquarters and engineering talent in three regions, there is little we cannot do together. Our business model permits serving you with all VMI solutions from full container shipments to locally warehoused VMI in the US, India, Australia, China and Europe. All factories are ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 certified and several are undergoing ISO 14000 certification as well. All factories are well-versed in AIAG defect prevention methodology. Our ability to offer competitive machined casting and machined forging solutions, as well as properly designed fabrication to casting (including hybrid designs) conversions is second to none. Let us demonstrate our experience on your existing and new projects. Our award winning quality with our key customers has proven our capability to achieve ultra-low defect rates.

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