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IBCC's New Xuzhou Factory Open

IBCC Xuzhou Factory

IBCC Xuzhou has officially launched production in mid-2018 and additional production machinery is being added each month at a blistering pace. The 20-acre facility allows IBCC to continue its strong growth trajectory for years to come at a time when current facilities owned by IBCC in Shanghai and Ningbo have started to reach the point of maximum capacity. Xuzhou, located in Northern Jiangsu province, is a lower cost region of China and is also where many international OEMs have chosen to locate for this reason.

The Xuzhou factory will be built in four phases and the first phase of construction is complete. With new work being captured at an aggressive pace, the added capacity is already hitting its stride, satisfying concerns by many clients that capacity would be an issue going forward, with their substantial growth plans.

Congratulations IBCC team in achieving this tremendous milestone!

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U.S. owned and China based, IBCC Industries Inc. is contract manufacturing company with a large resin sand and lost wax steel foundry and several CNC machining operations located in China.

We're a world-class producer of machined castings, forgings and assemblies to original equipment manufacturers located throughout the U.S., Europe and in China. We employ over 650 dedicated employees worldwide. To better serve our customers, our sales, engineering, logistics and customer service teams are located worldwide, including three factories and six port locations in China. We combine our own resources with a well-developed certified supplier base to fulfill a wide range of contract manufacturing capabilities. In doing so, we save you the need to have multiple suppliers and act as your one source for your cost reduction requirements. As you would expect, all of our factories, offices, and certified suppliers are ISO-certified. Our certificates are available on our Quality Assurance page. In light of current global trade conflicts, and to better secure our future as a global supplier, we have elected to expand into India and Canada. Details will follow as this endeavor solidifies.


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